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Technical ability and unique Testing functions

1、TA Jet Innovation
    Taiwan Patent number 208721
    China patent number ZLO3263771.3
TA Jet Technology is a newly developed by ADSYS Technologies Co., Ltd, which is the best solution to detect the soldering quality problem for all pins of various type of IC such as BGA/SMD. ICT360AT/K518WJ is equipped with the newly technology, thus the testability is singularly elevated as well as be obtained with satisfied testing results for digital type PCB. Three major features as follows:
    ·TA Jet Technology takes advantages of testing points from each Switch Card to act as points of Trigger & Scan Card. Using synchronous Integration method reduce noisy caused from Scan and reach more precisely testing results.
    ·TA Jet Technology is applied to test open/short problem for any type of IC package such as Insertion Type, PLCC Type, QFP Type, PGA Type, BAG Type (OMPAC) etc.
    ·TA Jet Technology, it can detect the open fail of socket of a various type of IC, such as Insertion Type and SMT Type.
2、EC Jet Innovation
    Taiwan innovating Patent number 191466
    China patent number ZL 200720142225.6
    EC JET
    Patented on board electrolytic capacitor polarity and missing part
    technologies-ECJ Taiwan and China innovating patent.

    ·Electrolytic capacitor: 100% detective the polarity and missing part.
    ·Solid state capacitor/ exploration free capacitor: 100% detective the polarity and missing part.
    ·Parallel capacitor: 100% detective the polarity and missing part

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